Wildernoise is an ambient-meditative music project created by sound designer and composer, Shell Child.

Merging lush soundscapes with surreal and meditative compositions, Wildernoise produces thought-provoking and evocative sonic realms. Layered synth beds, analogue tones and organic sound recordings blend together with an array of musical textures. 

Drawing on her experience with crafting sound for films, Shell creates sonic worlds that invite the listener to explore their own imagination.

Open your mind to adventure and journey inward with the sounds of Wildernoise.

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About Me

Born in Australia, Shell is a sound designer, composer and artist. Her training as a musician drew her to New Zealand where she has worked as a sound editor on films since 2010. Here, she also met her husband and fellow sound designer, Dave Whitehead. His long list of credits include Lord of the Rings and District 9. Dave and Shell collaborated to design the alien vocals for Dennis Vellineuvere’s Arrival which won an oscar for best sound editing in 2016. 

Working together, they share creative ideas and draw inspiration from all aspects of life from the mundane to the magical. Their home is a hub of art and creativity amongst a collective of fellow artists who live and work in Wellington.  Shell’s passion for nature, history and storytelling fuel all her art, and inspire her creative lifestyle.

My Work

Film Work

Shell has worked as a sound editor on numerous film productions both in New Zealand and Overseas. Check out her work on IMDB.


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